Life Cycle: Brit Milah

Mazel Tov! Welcoming a new member of the family is a profound experience. At B’nai Abraham, we honor the Reform movement’s position on Jewish identity: All children with at least one Jewish parent, and who are raised and educated only as Jews, are considered to be fully Jewish. Rabbi Lauren is readily available to meet before or after your child is born in order to discuss the details of the appropriate ritual, which will welcome your child, honor your family and connect us all in the chain of Jewish tradition. 

Our congregation is honored to welcome your child into our community. Tradition calls for us to circumcise our sons on the eighth day of life in a ritual called Brit Milah, the Covenant of Circumcision. During this ceremony, boys also are given their Hebrew names. Girls are welcomed, and given their Hebrew names, in a ceremony called Kabbalat Bat, Welcoming a Daughter.