Welcome to TBA

Who We Are

We are a family that strives to make a difference inspired by our Judaism. We honor traditions from the past, pray together in the present, and educate ourselves and our children for the future. We are individuals and families of all ages and diverse life experiences who learn, laugh, and live the Jewish tradition together in a warm and loving environment.  We cherish Jews of all identities, families of all types, and individuals of all backgrounds who feel connected to the Jewish community.  

What We Stand For

  • We inspire our members of all ages and stages of life to explore their relationship with Reform Judaism, faith and Torah through education, worship and loving deeds.      
  • We build bridges between learning and doing, encouraging action based on our individual understandings of our common tradition.    
  • We strive to make our synagogue a house of prayer, study, and gathering as we seek greater wholeness in our lives, our community, and our world. 

Why Reform Judaism

The following principles distinguish Reform Judaism from other movements:

  • Reform Jews are committed to the principle of inclusion, not exclusion. Since 1978, the Reform Movement has been encouraging Jews by choice and interfaith families to embrace Judaism. Children who are raised Jewish are considered a Jew regardless if they are the child of a Jewish father or mother.    
  • Reform Jews are committed to the absolute equality of women in all areas of Jewish life. We were the first movement to ordain women Rabbis, invest women cantors, and elect women presidents of our synagogues.  
  • Reform Jews are committed to the full participation of all LGBTQ+ individuals in synagogue life and society at large.