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Healing Prayer

May the One who blessed our ancestors -
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah
bless and heal the one who is ill:
__________ son/daughter of _________.
May the Holy Blessed One
overflow with compassion upon him/her,
to restore him/her,
to heal him/her,
to strengthen him/her,
to enliven him/her.
The One will send him/her, speedily,
a complete healing --
healing of the soul and healing of the body 
along with all the ill,
among the people of Israel and all humankind,
soon, speedily, without delay,
and let us all say:  Amen!
Mi Sheberakh Avoteinu: Avraham, Yitzhak, v'Yaakov, 
v'Imoteinu: Sarah, Rivka, Rachel v'Leah,
Hu yivarekh virapei et haholeh/haholah _____ ben/bat ______
HaKadosh Barukh Huyimalei rahamim alav/aleha,
l'hahalimo/l'hahlimah, u-l'rap'oto/u-l'rap'otah,
l'hahaziko/l'hazikah, u-l'hay-oto/u-l'hay-otah.
V'yishlah lo/lah bim-herar'fuah shlemah,
r'fu-at hanefesh u-r'fu-at hagoof,
b'tokh sh'ar holei Yisrael v’holei yoshvei tevel,
hashta ba'agalah u-vizman kariv,
v'no-mar, Amen!


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